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Top only, non-padded  **Leggings not included.   Medium thickness fabric.

Helps keep you cool and dry, breathable and light weight fabric. Protects from UV rays, excellent for yoga and exercising. This fabric is very flexible and comfortably expands to your body. Color pattern may vary slightly from pictures.  Made in USA using top quality Brazilian fabrics.  See Return Policy for order processing time and details..


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Amorinha Confort, Aurora Confort, Blue Ice Confort, Blush Confort, Branco Confort, Cristal Confort, Girassol Confort, Grafite Confort, Jade Confort, Jubilee Confort, Louvre Confort, Luminary Confort, Marinho Confort, Merge Confort, Palace Blue Confort, Scarlet Confort, Shock Pink, Tulip Confort, Valentino Confort

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