About Us

The founder of CLS Sportswear has had a passion for clothes design since childhood. She took sewing classes at an early age and with time, mastered the art of sewing. With the availability endless supplies through a global market, she was able to find and test fabrics from different corners of the world. After comparing fabric quality amongst many countries, Brazil offered a high quality fabric that would greatly complement any active wear piece. CLS Sportswear decided to use only Brazilian fabrics and through the Internet expand to reach a global market.

CLS Sportswear takes pride in using Brazilian fabrics that are known worldwide for their durability, vibrant colors and unique elasticity.  Every piece is handmade with attention to detail and our customers’ desires in mind. We continue to stay on top of activewear trends and strive to ensure the customer is satisfied.  Our fabrics fit better and outlast most known brand names.  Thanks for visiting our store and your interest in our products.   Please drop us a line at sales@clssportswear.com with any feedback or ideas and we will do our best to take all input into consideration.